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    A golden brown liquid adhesive with medium viscosity, forming strong bonds between PVC, foam, leather, and more. Ideal for various industries with excellent aging resistance.
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    Nordale N100 is a golden brown liquid of brushing viscosity.

    It forms strong, permanent contact bonds between the following materials; rigid PVC sheet, polyurethane foams of the polyester and polyether types, supported PVC leather cloth, leather, polyester glass fibre, rubber sheet and extrusions; all of which may be bonded to each other or to hardboard, chipboard, wood, painted or unpainted metal.

    Rigid laminated plastics such as formica, melamine etc. may also be fixed with this adhesive.

    Nordale N100 has also proved to be a multi-purpose adhesive in the shop/bar-fitting trades and in the boat building, furniture & footwear industries.

    This material has excellent ageing resistance.


    Typical Properties:

    Appearance: Golden brown liquid.

    Viscosity: Medium brushable syrup.

    Specific gravity: Approx 0.87

    Minimum open joint time : 10-15 minutes.

    Maximum open joint time : 30 minutes.

    Coverage: 3-4m2 per litre.

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