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    The Beartrap is a groundbreaking self-massage device that provides muscle pain relief and recovery a...
    SKU: MCS62
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    Code: 14-1780 Type: Beartrap Recovery Tool Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: 14-1781 Type: Beartrap Health Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: 14-1782 Type: Beartrap Health Foam Upgrade Pack Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: 14-1783 Type: Beartrap Health Rubber Upgrade Pack Unit of Measure: EA

    The Beartrap is a groundbreaking self-massage device that provides muscle pain relief and recovery along with enabling full-body muscle release.

    Designed by an Australian physiotherapist & exercise physiologist with over 15 years' experience in treating musculoskeletal conditions, the Beartrap is revolutionary in every way. Horseshoe-shaped, the Beartrap Recovery Tool features 12 mounting points, a variety of included attachments and limitless combinations that allow the device to be customized to the user's specific needs.

    Made to fit and accommodate all body shapes and sizes, the Beartrap can treat areas of the body previously neglected.

    APA endorsed product.

    Beartrap Recovery Tool Includes:

    • 2x Lock Cords (Stored inside handles)
    • 1x Exercise Poster
    • 1x Attachment Holder
    • 1x Stopper
    • 2x Trigger Balls
    • 2x Trigger Cones
    • 2x Rocket Rollers

    Beartrap Health is an upgraded version of the original Beartrap Recovery Tool that is designed more for practitioners. It is designed to minimise skin irritation and is more comfortable when applying pressure, compared to Beartrap original which is more firm and as a result, is designed to be used for people who push their bodies to the limits, in recreational sports or activities or in a professional environment. The Beartrap Health includes:

    • 2x Lock cords (stored inside handles)
    • 2x Foam Rollers
    • 2x Foam Trigger Cones
    • 2x Foam Trigger Balls
    • 1x Foam Blocker
    • 2x Soft touch handle covers
    • Free access to  BeartrapHub app

    Beartrap Health Foam Upgrade Pack:

    The foam attachments provide for a less aggressive and more manageable treatment. The Beartrap Foam Upgrade Pack is a great way to turn your original Beartrap Recovery Tool into a Beartrap Health. With longer rollers, over-molded foam attachments, grip rings and patented lock mechanism, the Foam Upgrade Pack will provide you with a high-quality professional grade treatment. Included are:

     2 Foam Rollers (includes grip rings)

    • 2 Foam Trigger Cones
    • 2 Foam Trigger Balls
    • 1 Foam Blocker.

    Beartrap Health Rubber Upgrade Pack:

    The rubber upgrade pack can effectively turn your Beartrap Health into the original Beartrap Recovery Tool. The rubber attachments provide for a more aggressive and intense treatment. With the rubber upgrade pack, you can turn your Beartrap Health into an even more intense version of itself. The hard rubber attachments provide for a much greater boost in power and deeper treatment. Perfect for those who want to take their workout routine up a notch. Included are: 
    • 2 Rollers (includes standard rings)
    • 2 Trigger Cones
    • 2 Trigger Balls
    • 1 Blocker.