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    Brand: Baseline
    TGA Approved: 290003
    Upgrade your grip strength testing with Baseline's BIMS Digital 5-Position Grip Dynamometers. Featuring advanced load-cell digital technology, these hydraulic oil-free devices offer accurate, repeatable results, perfect for clinic, functional, and deluxe applications.
    SKU: EVS12
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    Code: 120070 Type: Clinic Model Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: 120071 Type: Deluxe Model Unit of Measure: EA
    Code: 120072 Type: Functional Model Unit of Measure: EA

    Why switch from a hydraulic dynamometer to digital?

    • Force is measured using load-cell digital technology that gives more accurate, repeatable, consistent measurements
    • No hydraulic oil is used to measure force, eliminating the risk of oil leakage and decalibration
    • Resetting of max results is digital, standard hydraulic reset knobs are prone to breaking
    • LCD screen makes results easy to read
    • Saves time by calculating mean, SD, COV, and other statistics on the device

    Why should I choose BIMS™ digital dynamometers?

    • Extended testing capacity (300 lb grip / 100 lb pinch) is designed for the strongest and weakest patients
    • Measures force consistently with ±1% accuracy
    • Color LCD display graphically shows results
    • Numerous testing protocols for advanced testing
    • 5-position hand grip accommodates different hand sizes and tests
    • Results saved on device with memory for over 1,000 patients


    1. Functional Model:
    This model does everything a standard hydraulic dynamometer can do with greater accuracy and repeatability. Use to view live strength  readings with the Max Force test.

    2. Clinic Model:
    This model is ideal for clinic practitioners to perform timed tests which are calculated and saved on the device. It includes the Max Force, Quick, and GST tests.

    3. Deluxe Model:
    Experience the pinnacle of grip strength evaluation with the Baseline BIMS Deluxe Model. This model expands upon the Clinic model
    and includes more advanced timed tests that are ideal for research applications, Workers’ Compensation, FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation) and day-to-day  testing. It includes Max Force, Quick, GST, RET, MMVE, MVE, and Fatigue tests.

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