From $230.00 (AUD) GST Exempt

Active X Long is made from a ventilated spacer material. Two circular straps on the thigh section and two on the calf section can be positioned individually. All straps have a plastic D-ring. Features rigid uprights with flexion and extension stops that can be changed for different range of motion settings. The joint is preset in 10 degrees of flexion. Other flexion/extension stops are included in the package.

For sizing, please refer to table below. Total length is 40cm.

A: 15 cm below patella, B: Mid-patella, C: 15 cm above patella.

This product is intended for patients with various knee pain such as mild to moderate M-L instability. The support gives a light compression and keeps the knee warm.

Indications: MCL/LCL injuries, minor medial or lateral meniscus injuries, mild osteoarthritis, bursitis, joint disorders, synovitis.

Contraindications: Severe injuries such as ACL/PCL ruptures. Be extra careful with severe swelling problems and blood circulation problems.

Code Size Measurement RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
28053S Small A & B: 32cm - 38 cm, C: 39cm - 46cm $230.00 GST Exempt Yes
28053M Medium A & B: 36cm - 42 cm, C: 43cm - 51cm $230.00 GST Exempt Yes
28053L Large A & B: 40cm - 46 cm, C: 47cm - 55cm $230.00 GST Exempt Yes
28053XL Extra Large A & B: 44cm - 50 cm, C: 51cm - 60cm $230.00 GST Exempt Yes
28053XXL XX Large A & B: 48cm - 55 cm, C: 56cm - 65cm $230.00 GST Exempt Yes
28053XXXL XXX Large A & B: 54cm - 61 cm, C: 61cm - 71cm $230.00 GST Exempt Yes
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