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    With the affected hand inside the SMART-Mirror™ one views the unaffected hand in the mirror a...
    SKU: EVS019
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    Code: NC95110 Type: ACHIEVA SMART MIRROR Unit of Measure: EA

    With the affected hand inside the SMART-Mirror™, one views the unaffected hand in the mirror and perceives the concealed hand as "normal". Use SMART-Mirror™ for mirror therapy to treat upper extremity pain and limited motion due to phantom limb, hemiparesis, arthritis, complex regional pain syndrome or following hand surgery. The mirror tricks the brain into visualizing the affected hand as moving in a pain-free, normal manner. This results in corrections of the mismatch between the motor output and the sensory feedback. Through repetitive use, the person may become less anxious about moving the affected hand, which encourages increased movement. The three-hole opening enables ventilation and allows the therapist to view the affected hand during use. Visible mirror area: 20 x 34cm. Product weight: 1.2kg.