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Manufacturer: Ottobock

The Lumbo Direxa provides support in case of slight to moderate back pain in the lumbar spine, stabilising and relieving strain on the affected area, which can alleviate pain. Moderate stabilisation for L4 to S1.

The Lumbo Direxa is made of a comfortable, breathable material so that you can also wear the back orthosis for extended periods of time. Thanks to the slim design, the orthosis is barely visible under clothing.

Includes four plastic splints and two elastic straps. 24cm dorsal height. Available in straight (Men) and waisted (Women) styles. Measure around waist for sizing.

Code Size Type Measurement RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
50R50=XS Extra Small Men 70cm - 80cm $110.00 ex GST No*
50R51=XS Extra Small Women 70cm - 80cm $130.00 ex GST No*
50R50=S Small Men 80cm - 90cm $110.00 ex GST No*
50R51=S Small Women 80cm - 90cm $130.00 ex GST No*
50R50=M Medium Men 90cm - 100cm $110.00 ex GST Yes
50R51=M Medium Women 90cm - 100cm $130.00 ex GST No*
50R50=L Large Men 100cm - 110cm $110.00 ex GST Yes
50R51=L Large Women 100cm - 110cm $130.00 ex GST No*
50R50=XL Extra Large Men 110cm - 120cm $110.00 ex GST Yes
50R51=XL Extra Large Women 110cm - 120cm $130.00 ex GST No*
50R50=XXL XX Large Men 120cm - 130cm $110.00 ex GST No*
50R51=XXL XX Large Women 120cm - 130cm $130.00 ex GST No*
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