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Download Sonoscape E2 PRO Technical Specifications here.

In pursuit of the excellent blend of cost performance and quality product properties, Sonoscape have launched a new portable colour Doppler ultrasound system, the E2 PRO. A streamlined system to make your work experience easier than any other entry-level system, the Sonoscape E2 PRO is packed with complete standard ultrasound functions and a full library of probes for different applications.

With wide-scan, the ultrasound image can be enlarged when performing a real time scan when using linear or convex probes, for a larger, more complete view of large lesions.

Panoramic Imaging
With real-time panoramic, you can acquire an extended field of view for large organ or long vessel for easy measurement and diagnostic efficiency.

Vis-Needle is realised by ultrasound beam steering and deflection. It improves visualisation of the needle location in the tissue to minimise harm to the surrounding tissue, increasing the initial success rate and lowering the risk for needle puncture.

Screen Zoom
Screen zoom on the Sonoscape E2 PRO enables the user to zoom in on the ultrasound image without fear of signal loss and gives a high resolution, zoomed in image so it is easier to see small details for a confident diagnosis and increased workflow.