Built kid tough, the RUSH Kid™ paediatric foot can handle even the most extreme low or high clearance patient. Run, jump, play…the ultra low profile build delivers the most dynamic energy return and smooth roll-through of any pediatric foot on the market today.

Mud, water, sand…no problem! The all-terrain RUSH Kid™ was built with active kids in mind. Say goodbye to broken carbon feet! The next generation of RUSH™ Rebels has just arrived.

The Rush Kid is designed for:

  • The paediatric patient that has broken every carbon foot and needs something durable
  • The most extreme loads of high-impact pediatric patients, K3 or higher
  • Ultra-low profile build (1.75”)
  • All pediatric patients with low OR high clearance, less than 2” of clearance, limited clearance or Symes amputation
  • BK, Knee Disarticulate, Bilateral or AK
  • Sizes 19-21cm
  • All-terrain, all-weather activities
  • Patients desiring cosmesis


  • Dynamic toe-off
  • Smooth roll-through
  • Extremely durable
  • Virtually indestructible
  • All-terrain, all-weather
  • Waterproof (salt and fresh)
  • Reduced socket, knee and hip pain (as reported by patients)
  • Longest toe lever in the industry
  • Cosmesis-friendly

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For further information, please contact Paul Coleman, Prosthetics and Orthotics Manager on 03 9681 9666 or email him at [email protected]

Video - Rush Kid Averie Mitchell Gymnastics Floor Routine