Lower Limb

Modular Adaptors

OPC are the distributors for TruLife modular components. All these components are precision manufactured using computer numerically controlled (CNC) technology. Available in aluminium, stainless steel, and titanium and supported by a comprehensive two year warranty. All tolerances are with .005. The titanium alloy used by TruLife is used in the space station, space shuttle, and the hull of submarines. Aerospace materials offers superior fatigue and corrosion resistance. The special Dacromet surface treatment of all adjustment screws helps prevent corrosion and galling of threads. Heavy duty titanium adaptors are rated up to 166kg for the maximum patient weight limit.

Prosthetic Feet

OPC stock the largest range of prosthetic feet in Australia catering for all levels of lower limb amputations, lifestyle or age. Our range of prosthetic feet include the latest technology from Seattle Systems, College Park Industries and Ability Dynamics to suit different activity levels - from low impact activites such as walking, to high impact activities such as running and sports.

Prosthetic Knees

Our extensive range of Prosthetic Knees for both adults and children of varying patient weights and activity levels. Our Prosthetic Knee range includes Medi Mechanical, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Knees, Safety Knees, 4-Bar, and a range of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Stance Control Knees.

Liners & Suspension Systems

We have an extensive range of both cushion and locking gel liners, gel sleeves and locking systems available, from leading manufacturers such as Medi, ALPS, Coyote Design, and Comfort Products. Our gel liners include transtibial and transfemoral styles. Our liners include both silicone and ALPS easygel technology. The Thermoliner range includes Ready-to-fit and Custom liners.