Pain Relief Products FAQ


How do Flexeze Heat Patches work?
Flexeze patches contain air-activated iron powder which begin to produce heat when removed from the packet.

Apart from back pain, when else can I use Flexeze?
Flexeze patches can be used to assist relief of pain and injury to the body where muscles are tense or tight. Continuous low level heat is effective in treating common wrist conditions including tendinosis, osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Patches can also be used to relive period pain, tendon or ligament strain, non inflammed joints and is an effective relief for muscle soreness after exercise. Wraps are designed to be applied to any part of the body, including the limbs. Flexeze patches are not recommended for use on the neck.

Which side of the Patch do I put on my skin?
Peel off the protective strips and apply the sticky side of the patch towards the body into a Flexeze Body Wrap or underclothing. DO NOT apply the patch directly onto skin, unless it is applied for a period of less than one hour.

How long will one Flexeze patch last (remain effective) for?
Flexeze provides continuous low level heat therapy for 12-15 hours. Patches should not be applied directly to skin if it is to remain for more than one hour.

How hot do Flexeze patches become?
Flexeze patches will reach a maximum heat of 48-51°C approximately 20 minutes after being removed from packaging.

Can Flexeze patches be re-heated?
No. DO NOT microwave or attempt to re-heat a patch. Flexeze patches must be disposed of after use.

I have very sensitive skin, can I still use Flexeze?
Yes. People with sensitive skin can use Flexeze with the Flexeze Body Wrap.

What should I do if my patch is torn or gets wet?
The heat will be extinguished if the patch becomes wet or comes in contact with creams or lotions. DO NOT USE if the patch is torn. The patch must be disposed of under either of these circumstances.

Are there any instances where Flexeze patches should not be used?
Flexeze should not be used on children under 12 years. Caution must be exercised with diabetics, in pregnancy and patients with poor circulation.

DO NOT USE in conjunction with creams and lotions. DO NOT USE on areas where tissue is swollen or bruised.

Flexeze is not recommended for use on the neck.