From $73.50 (AUD) GST Exempt
Manufacturer: Ottobock

Provides excellent support to the wrist through a wide and long plastic palmar splint, the cut of the material and the design of the brace. High degree of stabilisation. Can be used for the treatment of acute and chronic wrist conditions, post operative management, and in the treatment of radial nerve palsy. Measure circumference at the wrist for sizing.

Note: these are available by Special Order only, and may take up to four weeks for delivery. Manu Neurexa may be used in a similar manner

Code Size Type Measurement RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
04145=LXS Extra Small Left 14cm - 15cm $73.50 GST Exempt No*
04145=LS Small Left 15cm - 16cm $73.50 GST Exempt No*
04145=LM Medium Left 16cm - 17cm $73.50 GST Exempt No*
04145=LL Large Left 17cm - 18.5cm $73.50 GST Exempt No*
04145=LXL Extra Large Left 18cm - 19cm $73.50 GST Exempt No*
04145=LXXL XX Large Left 19cm - 20cm $73.50 GST Exempt No*
04145=RXS Extra Small Right 14cm - 15cm $73.50 GST Exempt Yes
04145=RS Small Right 15cm - 16cm $73.50 GST Exempt No*
04145=RM Medium Right 16cm - 17cm $73.50 GST Exempt Yes
04145=RL Large Right 17cm - 18.5cm $73.50 GST Exempt Yes
04145=RXL Extra Large Right 18cm - 19cm $73.50 GST Exempt No*
04145=RXXL XX Large Right 19cm - 20cm $73.50 GST Exempt No*
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