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March 2015: Shoulder Drop & Weighted Breast Form Fallacy | Toni Truda, Trulife Breast Care Australia

I have been asked from our Fitting Network regarding the old concept of the need to replace the weight back with heavy breastforms- as lightweight ones have been marketed in the past by many manufacturers as causing/contributing to "Shoulder Drop" or at worst Spinal Curvature.

I asked Trulife Ireland for their report of findings which I am sharing with you.

The author- Irene Healey is a US based Orthotist- specialising in body shape with custom making prosthesis. Her extensive research in the medical reports finds that there is NO MEDICAL EVIDENCE to support this claim of potential skeletal misalignment and effect on posture when using a lightweight breast form.

So, be comforted that the ladies who are coming in asking for the lightest breast form available- can have it, without any long term problems caused by the breast form.

Our Trulife Sublime 45% Lightweight Silicon Breast Form is a perfect option for your ladies!

Be confident that TRULIFE Breast Care would NEVER offer a range of products that would be detrimental to a woman!

Hope you find this report useful reading and reference material.
Article: Healy, I (2015) Shoulder Drop and the Myth of the Weighted Breast Prosthesis


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