M-Finger and Partial M-Fingers are hand components for fabricating mechanical partial hand prostheses. The goal is to regain functionality rather than cosmesis. These kits consist of dexterous fingers, a multi-position friction thumb and mounting plates for use in a mechanical hand assembly. The fingers and thumb have urethane over-moulds to provide better grasp and moulded-in finger nails for picking up small objects.

The fingers are actuated by a Spectra™ cable that crosses the wrist and is controlled by simple wrist flexion. Each finger independently conforms to the shape of the object it is grasping, thus allowing for multiple grasp patterns.

M-Fingers are available in a variety of lengths and colours and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the patient. They are normally built onto a silicone partial hand socket with an outer laminated socket for mounting the appropriate number of fingers and finger sizes to match the sound-side hand. This fabrication can be done by the local practitioner M-Fingers and Partial M-Fingers are simple to operate and controlled by the user’s own motion, allowing the patient to perform tasks more effectively, more responsively, and with optimized precision. They conform around objects to provide a secure and confident grip for the user.

M-Fingers were designed with high strength, injected moulded composite materials to deliver the durability and longevity needed for daily use.


M-Finger Information Sheet