Our team of trained Orthotists specialize in the measure and fit of garments. Our Compression Garments can provide a medical grade of compression ranging from 15mmHg to 40mmHg. We offer a range of Isotoner gloves for moderate compression for Neurological Conditions, gloves for Arthritis, Jobst Medical Legwear, SKINS Gradient Compression Garments, as well as custom designed garments for the treatment of lymphoedema, vascular conditions and to minimise scarring following severe burns.

OPC Health are a registered/approved supplier of compression garments for the Mercy Lymphoedema Compression Garment Program. We work closely with the Mercy Lymphoedema Clinic in East Melbourne and Heidelberg. This program provides financial assistance for pension holders and low income earners who need to purchase lymphoedema compression garments, and is funded by the Aids and Equipment Program (A&EP) of the Department of Human Services.

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