Kinesiology Tape

Pre-cut kinesiology tape developed by leading Australian Physiotherapists. Designed to assist with pain & dysfunction. Waterproof, low allergy adhesive pre-cut packs available. Contact OPC Health for a free sample.

How to apply tutorials available here.

Gripit - The Product
Gripit Kinesiology tape is a cotton based cloth with a small percentage of nylon allowing for the stretch properties of the tape. The stretch of the tape allows the practitioner up to a maximum of 60% stretch on application which mimics the properties of the skin. The traction and elevation of the skin fascia stimulates a number of systems that sit so close to the skin including the sensory nervous system, the circulatory (blood) system, the lymphatic drainage system and the nociceptive (pain) system.

These systems can all be influenced by Gripit Kinesiology tape help in so many ways:

- Improving performance
- Reduces local pain through the gate control system
- Assists with Healing and Recovery
- Provides support
- When applied in a certain way - can assist with unloading joints with certain movements

Gripit - Specifications
Gripit's tape is waterproof and with the superior adhesion of the specialised acrylic, ensures the tape will not come off. It is the very best on the market. Gripit use high grade cloth and the stretch is 80-100%. It is recommended on average around 40% stretch on application as a guide. A major benefit is that the tape is oily acrylic which means it is LATEX and ZINC OXIDE free so there is a very low risk of any reaction to the tape.

Gripit - Education
The use of kinesiology tape can be tricky for both consumers and health professionals who do not use this on a daily basis. Part of the philosophy of the Gripit brand and the aim of the health professionals that have developed the tape is that Gripit will provide very strong and supportive education to both consumers and health professionals. Gripit provide varying degrees of education from online education videos when you buy a roll of tape (on the packaging) to high level hands on workshops for health professionals and sports trainers alike.

Gripit - The Future
Gripit Kinesiology tape is a game changer. The benefit of health professionals that have tried and tested the tape across the globe ensures that the quality is 100% supported by people working in the industry and who treat both elite athletes and weekend warrior patients on a daily basis. Gripit's offering to the world is a kinesiology tape that is free of gimmicks and can be used by anyone anywhere.