i-limb ultra revolution

i-limb ultra revolution™ with rotating thumb, 24 grip patterns and mobile control.

Touch Bionics announces an evolution in multi-articulating myoelectric prosthetic hand technology, introducing the i-limb ultra revolution.

Product Features

  • Powered, rotating thumb
  • 24 automated grip patterns
  • iPod with biosim app for mobile control
  • 5 Independently articulating digits
  • Patient triggered control
  • Light, slimline design

The i-limb ultra revolution™ is the most versatile and dexterous prosthetic hand available in the world. This multi-articulating prosthetic device offers an impressive range of features, reaching far beyond the capabilities of any other myoelectric hand. Advanced technology within the i-limb ultra revolution™ enables patients to maximise their functionality and quality of life.

i-limb ultra revolution™ Data Sheets

 i-limb ultra revolution™
Product Sheet
 i-limb ultra revolution™
Data Sheet
 i-limb ultra revolution™
Grip Patterns
 biosim Data Sheet