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The Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is from Saehan Corporation, a leading manufacturer of rehabilitation products. The Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer offers numerous features for standard screening work, as well as for assessing hand trauma and disease:

The Dual-Scale Readout displays grip force in pounds (up to 200lbs) and kilograms (maximum reading 90kgs).

The Peak-Hold Needle automatically retains the highest reading on the dial and that reading will remain until it's manually reset.

The readings are Accurate and Reproducible because the Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is isometric in use. That means there's almost no perceptible motion of the handles (regardless of grip strength) which produces more accurate results.

The Adjustable Handle accommodates various hand sizes with five different grip positions, with half-inch increments.

What is a Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer?

A dynamometer is an instrument used to measure power, or torque. The power produced by a hand squeeze can be calculated when a patient squeezes together the handles of the Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer. This device is used to measure or evaluate maximum grip force. The Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer consists of an absorption unit (the handles) and a dial which measures the torque. Between the handles and the readout dial is a sensitive hydraulic system consisting of a fluid reservoir and piping. A gauge measures the hydraulic pressure exerted by the squeeze of the hand and the result is displayed on the dial. The peak-hold needle records the level at which the most force was exerted and this will remain until manually reset.

Many governments and corporations use this device at workplace inductions and at termination to determine if there has been a loss of grip strength during employment.

Hydraulic Hand Dynamometers can also be used in the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered hand trauma or injury. Recording the improvement in hand strength can be beneficial.


The Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is a precision instrument and its accuracy can be impaired by abuse. Have the patient use the wrist safety strap to minimise the chance of accidentally dropping the Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer.

To use the Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer:

Set the adjustable handle to the desired spacing. Make sure the handle clip is located at the lowest (furthest) post from the gauge before moving the handle from one position to another. If you do not replace the handle in the correct position, inaccurate readings will result.

Rotate the red peak-needle counter clockwise to 0.

Let the patient arrange the instrument so that it fits in the hand comfortably. Request that the patient squeeze with maximum strength. The peak-hold needle will automatically record the highest force exerted.

After the patient has used the instrument, record the reading.

Reset the peak-hold needle to zero before recording new readings.

Includes hard plastic case with foam insulation to ensure the protection of your dynamometer.

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