Hero Arm

The Hero Arm is a lightweight myoelectric prosthesis with a versatile multi-grip bionic hand, an adjustable and breathable socket, high-performance motors and batteries, and empowering aesthetics. It is the most affordable multi-grip bionic arm in the world, less than half the price of its nearest competitor. The Hero Arm is durable, reliable, medically approved, and FDA registered. It is available through prosthetics clinics for both adults and children as young as eight years old with acquired or congenital below-elbow upper limb differences.


  • Durable & Reliable – The Hero Arm is a medically certified and FDA registered Class 1 medical device, with up to 5 years warranty
  • Dynamic socket – A dynamic ventilated socket with an adjustable BOA system gives you exceptional fit and comfort.
  • All-day battery – 12-hour battery life gives you all day usage without needing to plug in and charge.
  • Multi-grip versatility – The Hero Arm has up to six easy-to-select grips, such as pinch, tripod, and hook, giving great user control.
  • Freeze mode – The hand can be held in a static position for a no-fuss, reliable grip, like holding a glass to take a drink.
  • Lights, sounds, and vibrations – A suite of feedback to let you know the status of your bionic hand.
  • Posable thumb – Tuck the thumb away to put on clothing and pose it in different positions to create new grips.
  • Posable wrist –Rotate your wrist through 180 degrees.
  • Proportional control – Control the strength of your grip for delicate tasks like picking up an egg without breaking it.
  • Custom covers – Show your style; have different looks for different outfits. You can choose from a wide range of designs and colours; including Star Wars, Frozen, and Marvel Iron Man.
  • Lightweight – The full prosthesis weighs less than 1kg (2lbs). The hand comes in small, medium and large sizes, and at 280g – 346g, it is the lightest on the market.

Open Bionics was founded in 2014 by Joel Gibbard and Samantha Payne with the goal of developing affordable, assistive devices that enhance the human body. Based in Bristol in the U.K., Open Bionics is building Hero Arms for people with limb differences all over the world.


Please contact Paul Coleman, our product specialist, for more information on the Hero Arm: [email protected] or 03 9681 9666.

Download Hero Arm Brochure PDF (1.5MB) Visit the Hero Arm website
Watch the Hero Arm in action