Hand Therapy FAQ

What is the difference between Ready Made Resting Splints and Pre-cut Resting Splints?
Resting Splints are often required for long term use, such as contracture management. Ready Made Resting Splints are a good solution for clients requiring immobilzation for short or medium term conditions. They are made of materials that can be modified for a better client fit. Customised Resting Splints are recommended to meet client needs to ensure best fit, and ongoing monitoring for physical changes and hygiene management. OPC Health has an Orthotic Clinical Service who can manufacture Customised Resting Splints. Alternately, we would recommend that if you require a Resting Splint to consult with a qualified Health Professional.

Precut Resting Splints are splint thermoplastic templates. This are often used by clinicans who can customise a splint directly onto a client but do not wish to purchase blank thermoplastic sheets and design a splint pattern from scratch. Precut splints do not include strapping materials and padding, these Splinting Accessories for further splint customization need to be ordered separately. Precut Splints also come in different designs to immobilise and support various joints and conditions, other than Resting Splints.

What Orfit products do you sell?
OPC Health sells Orfit Low Temperature Thermoplastics and Splinting Accessories in Australia. Orfit Industries is a manufacturer based in Belgium, and is best known in Australia for its splinting material Orfit Classic Soft 1.6mm Micro, which is often referred to as Orfit. This highly conformable plastic goes transparent wenr activated at 65°C and becomes opaque when set. Available in a range of thicknesses and perforations, view more of the Thermoplastics in our Hand Therapy section of our Product catalogue.

I have purchased thermoplastic but it does not work how I expected. What should I do?
If you have an Orfit plastic that has irregularities we will need to test a sample of the remaining product and try to isolate the batch of manufacture. Contact OPC Health Customer Service to discuss the return of your unused portion and complete the Customer Query Form.

As thermoplastics are manufactured in batches, there may be some variance from product to product. In the case where a product does not meet your expectations, it cannot be deemed as "faulty" without appropriate testing. It can be difficult for us to isolate the problem as the distributor, however we value our customers' satisfaction and will continue to communicate your concerns directly to the manufacturer.

Where can I purchase a Splinting Pan to heat my thermoplastics?
A spliinting pan or water bath used to heat thermoplastic is often called a Suspan. Suspans are manufactured by Orfit Industries. These electrical appliances feature thermostats that maintain the temperature of the water within a specified range below boiling point (60°C - 95°C). They are considered the safest option for clinicians using low temperature thermoplastics to minimise excessive heating of splinting material and unnecessary burns.

Electric frypans sold in general electrical retailers operate at temperature ranges well above the necessary range to activate Orfit thermoplastics.

Do you stock Orfitubes and the elastic to make low profile outriggers for dynamic splints?
Yes. Orfitube, orfitube ends, and the different tension Orfit elastic threads can all be found in the Splinting Accessories section of our Product Catalogue.

If something is out of stock from the North Coast Medical Hand Therapy Catalogue or Orfit OttoBock Rehband Catalogue, how long will it take for it to come?
OPC Health ships items from the main North Coast Medical facility in Gilroy CA, USA on a weekly basis during peak times. We anticipate that on average, delivery for "Out of Stock" items in our National Distribution Centre is ten days. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond our control may extentutate delivery periods. In the instance an item is out of stock at the NCM end, OPC Health will notify its customers with an ETA at the earliest convenience.

Items not stocked as a regular Orfit item may take up to six weeks to arrive, and minimum order quantities may apply. Contact our Product Manager for assistance on a suitable alternative if you are unable to wait this long for delivery.

How do I request a free North Coast Medical Hand Therapy Catalogue?
North Coast Medical Hand Therapy Catalogues are published every 2-3 years. They are published for the use of Health Professionals. Under current arrangement with NCM, these Catalogues are available at no cost from OPC Health in Australia. Contact OPC Health directly for a copy of the current 2012/2013 NCM Hand Therapy Catalogue.

How do I request a North Coast Medical Poster?
North Coast Medical Hand Therapy Posters are Limited Edition and a complimentary copy is included with all 2012/13 NCM Hand Therapy Catalogues. Additional posters are available upon request. Please note that OPC Health may charge a Shipping Fee. Contact OPC Health directly for a copy of the current 2012/2013 NCM Hand Therapy Catalogue or for further North Coast Medical Hand Therapy enquiries.

Why don't you not sell all the products in the North Coast Medical Catalogue?
The items detailed in the North Coast Medical Rehabilitation Catalogue, North Coast Medical Hand Therapy Catalogue and North Coast Medical Website are primarily listed for the US domestic market. The electrical items may be not suitable for use in Australia, either incorrect voltage (110 Volt) or may not meet Australian standards, for these reasons we would generally recommend a locally available product. Additionally, some of the items are Hazardous and require specialised shipping which OPC Health does not participate in.