Core Stability

Even the fittest athlete may have poor core strength. When core strength is poor, and stabilizing muscles are not working in concert, the lower back is not supported from inside and can be injured by strain resulting in lower back pain, poor posture and fatigue. Today, Pilates and simple exercises can help retrain muscles, alleviate pain and improve posture. Practitioners who specialize in this area may use Real Time Ultrasound to view the activity of muscles for core strength and to assist clients to visualise what cannot be palpated superficially.

Exercise products previously used for strength and conditioning are now being refined for the use in Rehabilitation. Weights, dumbbells and resistance bands can easily be found in gymnasiums and fitness retail outlets. However, our Exercise Products are set at ranges for clients in a Rehabilitation setting who may be recovering from injury, experiencing acute or chronic pain who will have limited strength or functional range of movement. Stediball and foam rollers are examples of products that can be used in the Rehabilitation or Conditioning of Core Strength.

Stediball™ - Weighted Fitness Ball
Stediball is the perfect introductory option for a client with poor core strength. Emphasis can be placed on the rehabilitative action and exercise, while the weighted product helps to stabilise the exercise tool. While the Stediball remains a dynamic exercise object, a graded exercise regime can be implemented. Click play to view some of the best abdominal exercises courtesy of the Stediball™.