College Park Industries


College Park Industries has been developing innovative and functional prosthetic feet for over 30 years. From the low-impact Celsus foot to the high-impact Soleus foot, College Park has the right prosthetic foot for any amputee.

CPI Technology

Intelliweave composite technology is a proprietary process developed to bring the maximum amount of strength and flexibility to a prosthetic foot. Unlike the standard carbon fiber 2D layering process, Intelliweave allows for unlimited 3D woven patterns and complete control of the exact areas that need strength and those that need flexibility.
Our Engineers use Finite Element Analysis software to predict where loads exceed the maximum stress capabilities of our composite material, preventing failures, tailoring flexibility, ensuring ultimate durability and precision gait matching.
Tri-Axial ankles allow movement to occur on all three planes. Natural plantar flexion, dorsiflexion, transverse rotation and inversion/eversion allows for ease of movement, excellent ground compliance and comfort.
Integrated Spring Technology uses multiple springs in parallel or in a series to produce a proportional loading response. Different dynamics load and unload at the right time during different activities, producing seamless transitions.

Please contact our Prosthetic Product Manager, Paul Coleman, for more information on our College Park feet.

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