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Our number one selling seamless style features a full coverage foam cup style that offers security and modesty; it boasts Trulife’s exclusive foam cup design, ensuring a natural shape and perfect complement to triangular shaped breast forms.

  • Lightweight two-way stretch powernet fabric at sides and back provides amazing all-day support
  • Back-adjusting elastic straps and hook closure
  • Moisture-wicking extended COOLMAX® pockets with underarm opening for comfort and breathability

Fit: Shallow to Average

Alexandra Bra size range:

cm 75-95 75-100 75-95 75-90 75-85
inches 34-42 34-44 34-42 34-40 34-38
Code Colour Size Type RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
SS4013A34 Sandstone 12A 34A $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013A36 Sandstone 14A 36A $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013A38 Sandstone 16A 38A $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013A40 Sandstone 18A 40A $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013A42 Sandstone 20A 42A $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013B34 Sandstone 12B 34B $84.95 GST Exempt Yes
SS4013B36 Sandstone 14B 36B $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013B38 Sandstone 16B 38B $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013B40 Sandstone 18B 40B $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013B42 Sandstone 20B 42B $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013B44 Sandstone 22B 44B $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013C34 Sandstone 12C 34C $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013C36 Sandstone 14C 36C $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013C38 Sandstone 16C 38C $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013C40 Sandstone 18C 40C $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013C42 Sandstone 20C 42C $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013D34 Sandstone 12D 34D $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013D36 Sandstone 14D 36D $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013D38 Sandstone 16D 38D $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013D40 Sandstone 18D 40D $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013DD34 Sandstone 12DD 34DD $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013DD36 Sandstone 14DD 36DD $84.95 GST Exempt No*
SS4013DD38 Sandstone 16DD 38DD $84.95 GST Exempt No*
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