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Trulife Naturalwear Mastectomy Bras

Trulife NaturalWear Mastectomy Bras
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Trulife NaturalWear Mastectomy Bras are designed to suit your lifestyle

Our beautifully detailed bras feature quality construction that is a Trulife Naturalwear hallmark. Fashionable and feminine styles keep every woman looking and feeling beautiful while providing a secure fit.

Trulife Naturalwear Mastectomy bras are pocketed so that you can choose to wear your breast form next to your skin with or without its cover or wear it within the pocket for extra peace of mind.

Many Trulife Naturalwear bras have wide shoulder straps, high underarms,  extra hook fasteners and may be cut higher at the front for coverage and security. The bras offer varying levels of coverage and support from leisure bras, sports style bras and bras designed for everyday wear.

Our range of Mastectomy Bras are available in a range of sizes, extending up to DDD cup. Our most popular styles for D cup and above are the Barbara and Jessica.


Trulife Your Best Fit

Trulife Mastectomy bras are available to purchase Online or through a Trulife Stockist. OPC Health strongly recommends that you have your Mastectomy bra fitting checked by a Professional fitter. Your fitter can advise you on your fitting, it is not essential to wear a mastectomy bra and there are usually a number of off the rack bras that are suitable for most women after surgery. The aim of a fitting is to feel comfortable and gorgeous.

Find a Fitter or Trulife Stockist near you.


Fitting Tips For Your Bra

It is quite rare for a woman to remain the same bra size throughout her adult life. For most of us having children, changes in weight and changes in hormone activity will alter the size of your bra. Even changes in level of physical activity may change your bra size.


Have Your Fitting Checked Every Year

When you are wearing a bra that fits you well you will look good and your clothes will fit better.

Have You Got The Right Cup Size?

The cup needs to contain your breast(s) and breast forms.

It is too big if you have wrinkles in the fabric of the cup.

It is too small if you have breast tissue over the of the cup or at the sides or in the centre.


Where is Your Wire Sitting?

If you are wearing an underwire bra and the wires are not sitting flat across your breast bone (sternum) then the cup is not deep enough to contain your breasts.

It is very important to check the fit of an underwire bra after breast surgery - it's usual to wait until all of the post operative swelling has resolved before wearing underwires again.


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