From $41.50 (AUD) GST Exempt

The N006 is designed to fit

  • 150 SUBLIME
  • 471 SILK Triangle
  • 495 BODICOOL WAVE Triangle
  • 490 BODICOOL Triangle
  • 472 SILK PLUS Triangle

Trulife are pleased to introduce our new and improved COOLMAX cover as our standard breast prosthesis cover across all of our ranges. The COOLMAX cover addresses two primary concerns of breast form wearers: moisture management and breathability.

The COOLMAX fabric pulls moisture away from your skin and absorbs and spreads moisture out across the fabric to enhance the drying rate. It allows air to move into the fabric to keep your body cool and dry.

Code Size RRP (AUD)* In Stock Quantity
N00101 Size 1 $41.50 GST Exempt No*
N00102 Size 2 $41.50 GST Exempt No*
N00103 Size 3 $41.50 GST Exempt No*
N00104 Size 4 $41.50 GST Exempt No*
N00105 Size 5 $41.50 GST Exempt No*
N00106 Size 6 $41.50 GST Exempt No*
N00107 Size 7 $41.50 GST Exempt No*
N00108 Size 8 $41.50 GST Exempt No*
N00109 Size 9 $41.50 GST Exempt Yes
N00110 Size 10 $41.50 GST Exempt No*
N00111 Size 11 $41.50 GST Exempt No*
N00112 Size 12 $41.50 GST Exempt No*
N00113 Size 13 $41.50 GST Exempt No*
N00114 Size 14 $41.50 GST Exempt No*
N00115 Size 15 $41.50 GST Exempt No*
N00116 Size 16 $41.50 GST Exempt No*
N00117 Size 17 $41.50 GST Exempt No*
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